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The Galley Kitchen Gourmet is one among many cooking blogs, and although this blog will have many delicious and easy (and some not so easy) recipes and hints about cooking, this one stands out for those of us with small (perhaps even tiny) kitchens.  For those of you for whom we have space envy, this blog will have plenty for you as well.

My sister Meryl thought of the name several years ago when this was meant to be a cookbook.  That cookbook was started, and then life got in the way and it was never finished.  Now, at the start of 2012 the Galley Kitchen Gourmet is reborn.

I am so fortunate to have a chef  and friend right down the hall, so when I'm stuck I can run to her for coaching.  You should take a look at her blog at Gourmet Live: Kemp's Kitchen.  When you live down the hall from Kemp, you are always surrounded by aromas from heaven in your hallway. Yummmm.

I dedicate this blog to my son Marc Guidetti and my nephews Isaac Gabel-Frank and Eli Gabel-Frank and Ryan Kilbride and to my nieces Eve Gabel-Frank and Belle Gabel-Frank.  This is my gift of recipes (for me that means love) to you.