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Some Hints - Before You Start Cooking in Your Galley Kitchen

It's not easy to cook great meals in galley kitchens. 
But we wouldn't live in New York City if we were looking for an easy life!
We're looking for the maximum life - the most exciting, the most delicious!
The following hints will help you accomplish 'the most' in your galley kitchen  (or in any kitchen). Without following them you will have broken dishes, nowhere to put hot foods and in short - kitchen disaster after disaster.

#1 - Start clean - Put the time in to make sure your kitchen is totally clean before you start anything.  There isn't much space, so the counters must be bare, and the floor must have all clutter removed.  If you store things like toasters or blenders on your counter, get them out.  Put them on the floor in your bedroom, on the side of your bed that is not visible from the door. 
#2 - Clean as you cook - My mom used to tell me to clean as I cook. I rolled my eyes.  I learned however, that she was right.  In my small kitchen, with no help (there's no room for help even if I had it) cleaning as you cook is absolutely necessary.  That doesn't mean that you need to pile dirty dishes in the sink, it means you have to wash them, dry them and put them away.  Clutter gives you less room to cook and clutter leads to broken dishes and bowls. 
Those are the 2 most important rules.  Here's a few more:
#3 - If you have an available wall, hang a grid or peg  board and hang as many of your cooking tools as possible.  If you don't have a kitchen wall, a well hung grid or peg board with clean and shiny tools can be an interesting hanging piece in your living room.  THINK before you hang your cooking tools. Make it beautiful. Cooking is an art, this is part of your art.
#4 - Get a big cutting board that will fit over your sink.  Instant counter space.
#5 - When you take your pots and pans out of  the oven (we all use the oven as extra storage space), make sure that you don't pile them up in the kitchen.  Put them in the living room temporarily.

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