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Salads - They are NOT a punishment!

Salads are not rabbit food and are not a punishment for past over-indulgence. 
Salads should not be drowned in gooey, creamy dressings.
Salads should not be loaded with bacon or cheese.

Enough of the things that salads should not be, let's talk about what they should be.

Salads should be delicious.
When you bring a salad to work for lunch, everyone with a tuna sandwich or mac and cheese from the local salad bar should be really jealous.
Salads should be a meal you look forward to.

So, how do we do that?
Be creative.  I'm going to have some recipes for a few salads on this blog.  Don't follow them.  That is, if you love peppers and I didn't include peppers, add them! If  the recipe calls for Red Leaf Lettuce and you hate Red Leaf, but you love Arugula, change it.  If the recipe calls for Balsamic Vinegar and you hate Balsamic Vinegar but you love Red Wine Vinegar, change it.  All recipes aren't so forgiving, but salads are your creation.  Make them be what you love.

I add seafood to many of my salads and it is always in moderation.  A salad shouldn't have more than 1/4 pound of seafood, that is about 4 ounces.  If you really want some cheese, ok, but do it in moderation.  Salads are about deliciousness (if that isn't a word, it should be), but they are also about making you healthy so, be moderate.  Find what you love. 

Try things you've never tried like brown tomatoes  (Kumatoes). They're ugly and delicious!  Grill some pineapple with some sea salt. The sweet and salty is great and makes your salad special.  There's all kinds of things you can do to make your salad a meal to look forward to. Make it delicious

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