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Monday, June 6, 2016

Black Bean Burgers - Vegan and Gluten Free, but Don't be Frightened, They're DELICIOUS!

My son Marc recently opened a Food Truck and he needs something Vegan & Gluten Free.  We
thought of Veggie Burgers, but I've been a pescatarian for about 27 years, I know know that most Veggie Burgers taste like cardboard and you get sick of them really easily.  Plus, most contain soy, and soy is an extremely controversial food since over 90% of soy produced in the United States is genetically modified and also sprayed with the herbicide Roundup. In brief, I don't eat soy products and I wouldn't recommend serving them in Marc's food truck.

If I made these delicious burgers for myself, I would have added an ounce of Sherry, because as soon as I tasted them I thought 'Wow, this would be even better if I added just a touch of Sherry to it' but again, it's for the food truck and not for me, so, no Sherry.

I am going to try these again, maybe using dried beans as the starter, just to see which is best, and I also need to freeze them for the food truck, just to see how they turn out.  We also need to find the perfect gluten free bun on which to serve them. But as for now, with a little guacamole on the top, ummmmmm, delicious!

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